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Wordle allows you to create a word picture for presentations and student projects. Wordles can be used:
  • As a pre-writing activity;
  • To group ideas around a topic (i.e., Characterization; Describe setting, story elements, etc.)
  • As vocabulary building activity: Synonyms/Antonyms; Word Associations, etc.
  • For ELL students as a language-builder;
  • To enhance/support student projects or as a teaching aid/interest-builder

5th Grade Student Wordle Example to support a booktalk podcast:

Click this link to see more 5th Grade student WORDLES used to support booktalk podcasts. Student Wordles
Click this link for Step-by-Step Wordle Instructions.


Photopeach is a simple slide show tool that allows you to upload images, drag anddrop images where you want them, add captions and even music.
Some suggested uses:
  • Share student research & writing;
  • Share lesson content (i.e., create a slideshow for group discussions, teach sequential order--have students drag and drop pre-loaded images from a shared text in the correct order);
  • Create a slide show of suggested reading around a specific topic, unit of study or just for fun. Include book jacket covers with captions of brief descriptions.
  • Field trips--post writing activity (Have students work in groups to discuss and write captions for photos taken during a field trips.

Here is a PhotoPeach slide show created by Bill Roberts School 3rd graders as part of their Colorado History Unit.

Royal Gorge Colorado. on PhotoPeach


Mapwing allows you to build, share, and explore virtual tours. Students can gather digital images (use jpeg images) and/or digital photos they have taken with a camera and turn them into virtual tours.

Virtual tours can be of anything!
--the human body
--the universe
--the anatomy of a cell
--a timeline in history

Links to student Mapwing Projects:
2nd grade
"Build your Own Community"
Mapwing Projects
Link to Projects
Middle School
Research-based Virtual tours
Link to Projects

Online Flashcard Maker

is an easy tool to make flashcards for any subject, then print them out, email the link or

post (embed) them on a website.

Literary Terms flashcards from kittymouse on FlashcardDB.


Animoto is a great tool to create short promotional videos featuring the newest books in your library.

Create your own video slideshow at

Animoto can also be used to document and share student work in the classroom:

Or as a means to share student research and writing:
The Origin of Christmas:
Why We Celebrate It the Way We Do
by Aidan G., an 8th grade student


Glogster Edu is a great tool to create colorful, exciting promotional materials - your students will love doing this for you! Here is an example I made for our Summit Middle School Program - Top 20 Books circulated during the first quarter. Each book cover links directly to the online catalog so they can read a description and see if the book is available for checkout. - WebQuest Maker




Apps for Fluency

Tom the Talking Tomcat
Gina the Talking Giraffe
Larry the Talking Bird


Moving Tales - Bringing Stories to Life

Jog the Web A place to
create, read and share online media. Create your own list of resources.