Digital Citizenship
Addressed in the NETS*S

5. Digital Citizenship
Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior. Students:
  1. advocate and safe, legal, and use of information and technology.
  2. exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity.
  3. demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning.
  4. exhibit leadership for digital citizenship.

General information:

Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship from digizen.PNGDIGIZEN!
Get Your Web License! Online quiz from PBS


Digital Citizenship web quest

Passport to Digital Citizenship (article)

Assessing Digital Literacy - Trails

Digital Access

Would you please block? (Bud the Teacher)
"we will no longer use the web filter as a classroom management tool."


Digital Commerce

logo_digiteen.jpgDigital Commerce defined:
- Great information from the American Bar Association.

- 6 rules for safer financial transactions online
6 Essential tips for Safe Online Shopping
How to shop onine more safely
Rules for Safer Online Shopping

Digital Communication
SMART phone apps, TAGs and QR codes.

Watch video by Buffy J Hamilton (click)


Book Trailers for All!

Create external image arrow-10x10.png trailer like this example...Holiday Palace CRANK

external image Crank.png

Smart Phones are the next Classroom Computers (article)

Smart Phones as learning tools


Use tags and user names to create newspapers

Digital Literacy & Information Literacy

Mobile Reference - finding information
Students and staff have wonderful opportunities to use a variety of tools to find, evaluate, synthesize and use information. SMART Royal1688 phones offer new opportunities to gather inforamtion:

Use Google for all of it's search tools!

What do students use?
chacha.JPG answers.JPG

Digital Etiquette


use of tech effects others- social networks...seen missunderstood
handheld devices

ads.PNG All about internet advertising

Nice tutorial about advertising and the internet!

Digiteen's page on Digital email Etiquette

Digital cell phone Etiquette
How to Follow Proper Netiquette Rules

- A Howcast - includes text and video. Great for middle or high school students!

The Netiquette Quiz - Great for middle or high school students!

Digital Law

Copyright and Fair Use

Citation Creators

Diana Hacker - Research and Documentation
Online Writing Laboratory (OWL Purdue)

Disney characters recite the Documentary Filmmakers' Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use.

Creative Commons

Copyright Friendly Images:
Flickrstorm - Search for copyright friendly (Creative Commons) licensed photos

How to guide:
Paper Rater - Students can run their paper through this online checker free

Plagiarism Checkers

Digital Rights

Free Music?
Downloading Music from the Internet- illegal? Or is it changing the music industry?
Jonathan Coulton NPR: Internet Rock Star Tells All

external image codemonkey1-150x150.png

Just the facts:
US student Could be Extradited
Senate committee votes to make streaming illegal
Copyright Trolls trying to find you!

Buying online can get you into trouble: external image Picture-24.pngexternal image apptop.jpg
8 Year old girl spends $1400 for Smurfs!

Digital Health

The Digital You: Attention, Multitasking and Addiction - complete digital workshop from Frontline, with video, polls, quizzes, & more

Don't text & drive! This CBS You Tube video could spur some good conversation with teens.

Digital Security

'Let's Fight it Together'
Curriculum and videos

A Thin Line- MTV to stop digital abuse
Dr Alec Couros - Open Thinking Wiki - Great links for cyberbullying

Facebook privacy:

Privacy Scanner - Reclaim

Make sure your Facebook Profile doesn't loose You Your Job

Vancouver man fired for Facebook post

Loose your job via twitter

Your digital Identity
Spokeo (and sites like this....)

Author tries to VANISH from the Internet

Controlling your identity as easy as 1-2-3

Google Literacy Tour

Netcetera- Chatting with kids about being online

How to order Netcetera external image arrow-10x10.png

Cyberbullying Research Center

Dr. Justin W. Patchin, and Sameer Hinduja, Co-Directors of the Cyberbullying Research Center

**ADL and Cyberbullying**

Use local/state law enforcement presentations
Sad stories like this one:

What is a virus? (online course for kids from webwise/BBC)

Digital Citizenship at previous Smackdowns:


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